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5 Twitter Marketing Strategies

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Twitter, which has grown to become one of the most popular outlets on the social media scene today, is actually a platform which allows its users to exchange messages in real-time, that is instantaneously. Its immediacy as well as its compatibility with various devices to post, view and exchange messages is one of Twitter’s greatest selling points. It is therefore not strange that it has grown phenomenally and is still growing today as a means of exchanging personal and business information. When Twitter commenced its services, it was designed to allow people to see what others were doing so it always asked the question “what are you doing?”. This seemingly simple way of seeing and knowing what others were doing created a kind of bond or what was referred to by sociologists as ‘co-presence’. Twitter has graduated since then from just allowing people to know what others were doing to giving others insight into what another person is thinking, reading or involved in. In other words, Twitter has become a major part of the attention economy.

Marketing on Twitter is quite unique in the sense that its structure permits a message post not exceeding 140 characters. This does not seem like much but then a lot can be achieved. Some of the strategies which can be used in marketing on Twitter include: (more…)

Email Marketing 101

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Email marketing is a version of direct marketing which utilizes electronic mail as the medium of communication with the target audience. It has recorded massive usage in the direct marketing practice due to its many advantages. In its most basic sense, email marketing is used to achieve such ends as:

a. Customer acquisition as well marketing campaigns to sell goods/services to existing customers

b. Integrating advertising messages to emails sent to customers of other companies

c. Fostering customer loyalty and generating goodwill with existing customers. (more…)

5 Techniques for Marketing with Articles

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Blue FiveAs an alternative to paid adverts on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, article marketing has grown in popularity because of the comparative advantages it possesses over the other means of advertising. It is a practice that has to be done with great professionalism in order to produce the desired results. There are different techniques which can be utilized in making article marketing as effective as it ought to be.

1. Always Provide Useful Content: One of the biggest problems facing article marketing is the proliferation of so-called writers due to the low entry barrier. This has led to sub-standard articles being written. The fundamental technique in article marketing remains great content. When writing, the focus should always be to provide the kind of content that will make great impact on the reader. There should be a creative flair in the writing which will serve to retain the readers’ attention. In other words, write for the readers and not for yourself. (more…)

Marketing Your Business With Articles

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The concept of marketing goods/services using articles is not unique to the internet although its popularity is attributable to the internet. Hitherto, people hired Public Relations professionals to create buzz for their business and in the course of generating the desired publicity, they wrote press releases and articles about the business for publication in various print media. This enabled people to get a perspective on the business being marketed. One of the commonest objectives of writing such articles was positioning the business as experts in their market or field of operations. Article writing using the print media however has its attendant problems or disadvantages. It was a bit restrictive in that it was read only by people within its geographical reach particularly if it happened to be a local paper.

The internet has changed the way articles are published and propagated. Today, anyone can who can write can get an article published. There are however attendants issues as well and these include: (more…)

5 Methods For Keyword Targeting

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While filling out your site with content, it is very important that you know just how to spread your keywords throughout the site to ensure that maximize their effect and ensure high content quality. There a quite a number of issues that arise in the attempt to do this:

a. The attention to be paid to the homepage in trying to apportioning the important terms in view of its strategic position on the site.

b. The quantity of keywords to be inputted in a page to create sufficient attraction for the search engines.

c. How to make use of synonyms or terms which are similar or alternatively, when to split them up.

Before starting to fill out the content on the site, there are some steps that you are advised to follow. Basically, you have to carry out a competitor analysis in order to ascertain find out what your competition is doing right or wrong. One very easy way of doing this is to check the HTML source code of the sites which rank highest in your niche market and find out the keywords which have been used in their various pages. There are other tools which you can use in gathering data on keywords and these include Wordtracker which operates quite broadly as well as Google Adwords Keywords Tool. The latter should be considered to be a suggestion tool and therefore used in conjunction with other tools. Yahoo Search Marketing is yet another tool that offers you options for doing your research and a combination of all methods ought to be used in order to get the best possible results.

Five methods that can be used after the research include: (more…)

E-CRM Tools & Marketing

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Blue FiveCustomer Relationship Management is a concept built upon the need to effectively manage the customer base of an enterprise. This becomes necessary in view of the fact that there are various segments within the customer databases and each segment or even individuals need to be communicated with in such a manner as to ensure a long lasting and rewarding relationship which will have a positive effect on the enterprise’ bottom-line. e-CRM is an extension of the traditional CRM and is defined primarily by the platform afforded by the internet. This platform provides tremendous opportunities for enterprises in their drive to create good customer value, strengthen customer relationships, cut down on the cost of providing customer service as well as allow for a means of customizing and delivering personalized messages to customers on a mass scale. (more…)

5 Ways To Improve The Accessibility Of Your Website

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The term ‘web accessibility’ generally refers to the practice of ensuring that a website is fully usable by persons who have disabilities which ordinarily prevent them from enjoying the full use of the web pages. This is an issue that webmasters are having to face increasingly today particular as many countries are enacting legislation on the issue, notable among them Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. There have also been clear guidelines known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 1.0 established by the World Wide Web Consortium under its project, Web Accessibility Initiative in 1999. On a general note, there are assisted technologies available for those who have some forms of disabilities in accessing the web pages on the internet. These technologies include: (more…)

Web Accessibility

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The practice of ensuring that websites are made accessible to all people having all abilities as well as those having disabilities is what is known as Web Accessibility. The emphasis however is more often than not, on people with disabilities. Equality in the acquisition of the information or knowledge contained on a web page irrespective of the age and physical conditions such as blindness is the thrust of this practice. The concept of web accessibility is founded on the need to address certain challenges generally facing web users as well as some facing some categories of web users. Some of these challenges include the following: (more…)

Communications Strategy

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The timeworn saying that no one can be an island unto himself also applies to enterprises and other organizations. In view of this, it is obvious that communications is an imperative and not just a byproduct of existence. By extension, any forward looking organization must develop and work with a framework which will allow it to properly articulate all its communications both internal and external. It is also very important to note at this point that any organization possesses two major target audiences; internal and external. While the former refers to the members of the organizations such as its employees and shareholders, the latter refers to those with whom the organization must interact on the outside such as host community members, customers, government etc. (more…)

5 Techniques For Improving Customer Engagement

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Blue FiveThe presently available definition of the term customer engagement as provided by a professional body is “Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context”. This definition was provided by the Advertising Research Foundation in March 2006. The concept has gained ground particularly in recent times due to the complexity of the business environment today. It is becoming more difficult to hold the attention and therefore loyalty of customers and companies have to come up with new means of engaging their customers by optimizing the relationship between both parties. According to Gallup Consulting, organizations that have succeeded in doing this are recording better performances than their competitors who are failing in this regard. They are exceeding their competitors by 26% in gross margin while recording 85% more in sales growth. (more…)

Viral Marketing

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The term viral marketing can be defined as a planned program where a message, usually promotional in nature, is passed on from one person to another leading to a huge explosion in the spread of the message as well as its influence on the recipients and even those yet to receive it. It is a well designed strategy. The use of the word ‘virus’ has to do with its exponential growth of the message and the way it spreads which could very easily spread in numbers expanding to millions. Although the term is popularly used on the internet, it has its root in more traditional means of advertising. Terms like ‘word – of – mouth’, ‘network marketing’ and ‘leveraging the media’ are used more traditionally but point to the same concept. (more…)