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5 Great Viral Marketing Approaches

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Blue FiveThe viral marketing process bears an analogy to the human virus although it has no relationship to a computer virus. Viral marketing can be defined as a market strategy which ensures that a promotional message is propagated exponentially usually via the internet or related technologies. Viral marketing has become very popular on the internet today and has been adopted by many internet based enterprises to promote their services/goods. In fact, Hotmail is one outstanding example of viral marketing and is still regarded today as the classic example of the internet based viral marketing campaign.

There are many approaches to viral marketing. A few of such methods or approaches include the following: (more…)

Marketing Basics: Twitter

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The term social media is fast dominating the marketing profession and it has become virtually impossible to discuss the social media without talking about Twitter. First of all, the term social media seems to have many definitions but then we can define it as a medium in which the audience is the creators of its content. This is as opposed to the traditional media where the audience just consumes the content with minimal input.

Twitter can further be defined as a social medium which provides a message routing vehicle for the real time exchange of messages via various devices. One of the most outstanding features of Twitter is that it generates what sociologists have referred to as ‘co presence’ as a result of giving people the opportunity to know what their ‘friends’ are doing, thinking, reading and planning to do in an immediate sense. (more…)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization is the practice of driving more traffic to a site from search engines by attaining higher ranking on the search results. There are generally two kinds of means of doing this; Search Engine Marketing which entails paid advertisements and then Organic means or methods which are not paid for. While the organic methods do not involve payments in order to show when searches are run, it however requires a lot of effort and knowledge of search engine algorithms. This will ensure that the right tactics will be adopted and effectively used to drive the needed traffic. (more…)

On-Page Optimization

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Optimizing a web page is one of the results of the huge explosion in the number of web pages and the increase in awareness of the users of the internet. These days, people run searches on internet search engines while looking for various things and as these searches increase, there is a necessity by the search engines to develop parameters for ranking the pages which they have indexed. These parameters get more complex as more pages are added and site owners sometimes employ various tactics in trying to get a top ranking on search rankings. Getting an excellent on-page optimization is also important as it will impact positively on the readability of your site.

There are some fundamental techniques which you have to know when trying to optimize your web page for good ranking on the search engines. (more…)

Business-To-Consumer Marketing

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Blue FiveMarketing goods or services entails a kind of cycle which the buyer has to pass through in order to arrive at the decision to make a purchase. There are also different kinds of approaches to the marketing process depending on the category into which the buyer falls. Typically, there could be a marketing process flowing from one business to another business (B2B) or from a business to the consumer (B2C). The major difference between the two is the time difference involved in getting to the completion of the sales process. More often than not, there is a shorter sales cycle involved in B2C marketing than B2B marketing given the fact that there is hardly any procedure to cause any delay and consumers may even make purchases impulsively. (more…)

5 Social Media Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

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Social media can appropriately be described as any medium through in which target audience participates largely in constructing and providing its content. This potential, ability or practice of participating in the creation of the content is one of the most crucial aspects of social media and the part which marketers find most useful and intriguing. It is also this act of participation that forms the crux of what is now starting to be referred to as the attention economy. Social media therefore have become one of the most potent means of marketing in contemporary times.

In spite of all the advantages which the social media confer on the users and the larger society, there are still attendant disadvantages. These are a result of the potential abuse of the system as well as the pitfall that exist side by side the advantages. The following are some of such pitfalls: (more…)

Contact Strategies in Marketing

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As enterprises prospect for customers, the need for establishing a relationship with the customers arises sequel to the making the first sale. This relationship is the assurance that the company has that it can get the best out of the customer and get repeat sales. The process of establishing a relationship with customers can only be achieved if there is a good strategy for maintaining contact with the customer. Contact with customer in the contemporary business environment has become imperative for achieving and sustaining success with an enterprise. The traditional strategies for contact have involved postal means via catalogs and ancillary methods. The internet provided an alternative but again, this had its attendant challenges. Inasmuch as the internet offers low cost options, it still needs to be complemented with some aspects of the traditional methods. (more…)

5 Reasons Why Permission Marketing Works

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The concept of Permission Marketing in its present form was formalized by Seth Godin, Vice- President of Permission Marketing at Yahoo!, the successful web portal to which he sold his firm, Yoyodyne with which he pioneered the concept in 1998. The concept is built around the negative reaction of the average consumer towards undesired promotional messages which can be categorized as ‘interruption marketing’. This negative reaction necessitates a positive alternative which permission marketing provides. It is thus according to Seth Godin, “the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them”.

The success of the concept of permission marketing is thus founded on certain conditions. The following are some of those factors why the concept has proven successful: (more…)