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Increasing Your Effectiveness with Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the online business practice of promoting a product or service on behalf of its creator or owner in exchange for a share of the profit. This usually comes in the form of an agreed percentage of the costs of the product or service. Of course, the sheer number of people involved in this business makes it very competitive and for this reason, it is important that affiliates employ tactics that will ensure that they are able to get traffic and convention required to make a success of their endeavors. (more…)

Marketing Basics: Blogging and RSS

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Blue FiveThe marketing profession has undergone nothing short of a revolution since the advent of the internet. Several channels have evolved over time and rapid changes have been registered as professionals act as fast as possible to grasp these changes and then build the practice so as to take the maximum possible advantage. All this is done while making projection in to the future to predict ‘the next big thing’ in getting products and services to the consumers as well creating a favorable impression. (more…)

Marketing 101: 5 Low Cost Marketing Tools

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Marketing is one of the most strategic issues in the existence of an enterprise. The ability to effectively sell that enterprise’s products or services is a critical factor in its success. In fact, without being able to market its products or services, a business hardly has a chance to survive much more to thrive. The number of large enterprises is small compared to the small enterprises and most of the small enterprises lack the financial resources to acquire and use complex and costly marketing tools. There are however many low cost tools of marketing that are available to small enterprises to prosecute their marketing needs. Most of these tools are internet based and can be used online. Five of these tools that can be easily acquired and used include: (more…)