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5 Google Tools for Marketing Your Business

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It is very difficult to ignore Google today in whatever you are doing particularly in online business. The task of marketing your business has received a great deal of enhancement through Google’s innovations. As the online business scenario evolves, Google has continually added various web-based tools that have a positive effect on the efficacy of online business marketing. Here are five of those tools: (more…)

Marketing 101: Branding on a Budget

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The perception of branding is usually from the angle of the large multinational companies. These enterprises have a large budget and what can be regarded as a warchest with which to prosecute their branding campaigns. It is therefore not surprising that most business owners have come to regard the very practice of branding as one that must be carried out with huge funds. In addressing this issue, it is important to examine the concept of a brand. A brand is the core identity of an enterprise, product or service. It is intangible and the measure of the worth attached to that enterprise, product or service and due to its intangibility, it resides in the mind of the customers. Branding therefore is the practice of connecting the brand with the target audience. It is an extensive exercise encapsulating of several factors and issues.

When big companies embark on branding campaigns, the objective is to engage the attention of the target audience and create a favorable impression in their minds. This impression serves to ensure that the brand will likely enjoy the patronage of the members of the target audience whenever a choice is to be made concerning its use. In a nutshell, a few of the advantages sought to be gained through branding includes the following: (more…)

How Web 2.0 Design Effects Your Marketing

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The term Web 2.0 is used to describe the current internet trend and the way it affects the various facets of professional and business endeavors. Marketing is not exempt from the effects of the Web 2.0 and on the internet, it has become very crucial to success to ensure that the design of your apparatus ranging from websites to landing page and blogs as well as social media pages comply with the demands of the Web 2.0 environment.

The options open to people as they used the internet to search for and get information about products and services was seriously limited during the early stages of the internet. The trend today is vastly different as people now take note of many features as they visit websites. These features make it possible and then easier to hold the attention of the visitors and then, if it is an ecommerce site, makes is far easier to convert prospects. (more…)