5 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques

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As ecommerce continues to grow exponentially, more people are getting involved in it especially one of its facets; affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply the practice of promoting and selling the products or services of a merchant for a percentage of the profit accruing from the sale. As ecommerce grows in popularity and enterprises try to sell their products and services on the internet, many are turning to affiliate marketing to help them get an online salesforce to promote and sell their products. The field gets more crowded daily as more people join the affiliate marketing profession and as this happens, there is the need to strategize properly in order to succeed.

There are various techniques that can be applied in affiliate marketing to enhance the efforts as well as boost the chances of making actually sales. We will look at five of such techniques:

i. Product Review: One of the most effective ways of promoting a product is to use it first and then tell the prospects how the product fared in your honest opinion. You should provide them with an honest review of the product complete with benefits they stand to enjoy as they make that purchase. On the other hand, if there are downsides to the product, it wouldn’t hurt to also inform them as this will serve to prove your sincerity. You can also use testimonials in your pitch to back up your claims. It is important though that you use convincing and genuine testimonials.

ii. Leverage on Your List: There is a popular saying online that the money is in the list. In really ramping up your efforts in affiliate marketing and seeing results, it is important that you have a list ready but more important that you leverage that list to promote and sell the products. The email list is about the most potent tool in the arsenal of the affiliate marketer.

iii. Drive More Traffic: In order to sell, you will have to be able to convert the traffic to your site. The first act however is to get more traffic as more traffic means higher chances of conversion. If you desire affiliate profit, the simple fact is that you have to drive more and more traffic.  This could be through organic or paid means depending on your strategy and budget. In all, you have to get more traffic to your site.

iv. Select the Big Money Products: The kind of product you sell will determine your success rate in affiliate marketing. It is absolutely crucial that you select products in very lucrative niches. One such example is the ‘make money online’ niche where a lot of people have vested interest.

v. Offer Incentives: One sure way of cutting through to prospects is to offer them value – added bonuses as incentives. The perceived value of the bonuses is very important as it will determine whether or not it will be taken up. A valuable bonus will always serve to snare a prospect and enhance the possibility of making a sale.

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