5 E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid

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Blue FiveEcommerce is the trend in the world today as enterprises try to make forays into domains that were hitherto inaccessible except with the huge financial investments. Today, small enterprises, even home based businesses have the opportunity to compete with other business on a global level via the platform provided by the internet. The statistics for ecommerce is certainly encouraging and as the evolution of the internet continues, the opportunities also improve. The retail holiday sales in the US were estimated at $39 billion as at 2007 while 70% of leisure travelers made some of their personal travel booking online. The figures for car shoppers online that started the process online stood at 53% while about 42% of the online shoppers said they use comparison engines online before making a purchase decision. The foregoing statistics go a long way in showing that ecommerce is growing and the competition will be won largely by businesses that take a lot of technical and business details into consideration. In all, there are a number of mistakes that must be avoided if you are to succeed in your ecommerce efforts.

i. Avoid making Assumptions: Although you might have installed state of the art or impressive web technologies (by your own standard), it is far more important for you to note that your customers are very busy people who do not have all the time to wait for your plug ins to load. Accessibility and ease of use is the paramount factor in ecommerce. Focus on this.

ii. Not delivering on your promise: This is easily one of the fastest ways to lose customers and subsequently go out of business. The brick and mortar principle applies in ecommerce also; under promise and over deliver. Do not promise to deliver products in 24 hours except it will ideally take only about 14 hours to do so.

iii. Trying to Sell Through One Storefront: As the internet evolves, there is the need to make it easier for the prospects to interface with the enterprise with the use of innovations such as widgets. More often than not, many ecommerce site owners invest a lot of resources in trying to drive traffic to the site. It is important to put the enterprise in the customers’ faces.

iv. Inadequate Checkout Process: Shoppers are generally in a hurry and get irritated when the process on a site is slow or inconvenient. A common mistake with ecommerce sites is to have poor processes for checkout after the customer has selected the products to purchase.

v. Inadequate Order Fulfillment: One of the things that put customers off very fast is the inability of an ecommerce site to quickly fulfill an order made. Customers expect that as soon as they make payments, the goods ordered should be on its way particularly when the timeframe for delivery has been stated on the site. Failure to fulfill it makes it difficult for repeat orders to be made and even worse, word might get around about that site’s inability to fulfill orders.

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