5 Great Email Marketing Resources

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Blue FiveEmail marketing is a subset of internet marketing and is actually used as one of the avenues through which marketing messages are disseminated online. The overall objective of email marketing is to deliver your marketing massages to your target audience, prospects as well as customers and thus drive traffic to your site as well as increase your business. Email marketing is a process that can be done by the marketer but then it is best automated. The need for automation is a direct result of the explosion in the volume of eCommerce on the internet and the attendant difficulty in coping with correspondence with customers, prospects and members of the target audience. Many firms have risen to the occasion and are providing great resources to meet that need. In order to effectively provide this service, these resources have some outstanding qualities such as:

i.       Ease of Use: The user interface for an email marketing resource has to be user friendly and not resemble the cockpit of a space shuttle. The ease of navigation is a plus that makes the work of an internet marketer easier.

ii.     Email Campaign Creation: It is also important that an email marketing resource provide HTML design and editing features. This is to help with the design of aspects of the campaign.

iii.   Feature Set: Provision of a number of features that internet marketers will find useful in developing contact lists, create emails as well as examine results.

iv.   Reports: Evaluation of the email marketing campaign is critical to the success of the program and this will be done by using reports. This feature is very important in any email marketing resource.

v.     Support Services: Live support service and assistance as follow up to signing up for the resource is important for the internet marketer.

The following are five great email marketing resources:

1.    Campaign Monitor: This resource is a product of internet firm, Freshview. Sporting features like plugins and extensions for a host of sites like WordPress and Shopify, Campaign Monitor is relatively inexpensive at a flat rate of $5 for delivery with an additional 1c per recipient. It also provides a lot of support services like articles and tips on email marketing as well as email templates.

2.    Email Brain: This resource is feature laden and has ‘credits’ that accrue to the user by virtue of subscribing to their periodic plans. You can get 2, 000 credits for signing up for $9.95/month. This entitles you to send emails to 2, 000 contacts a month or 1, 000 contacts twice that month.

3.    Mad Mimi: This resource is particularly easy to use apart from being very effective. It provides users with nice templates, as well as very useful tracking reports. The usage plans are also very friendly starting at $8 for 500 contacts.

4.    LetterPop: This resource allows you to try before you sign up…for free. This pertains to their newsletter builder which has a god number of templates. The usage plans start at a free one for 10 newsletters sent to 25 subscribers per year. This resource also allows integration with sites like Flickr.

5.    Nouri.sh: This resource converts your RSS feeds into a newsletter and the end products are called blog-powered newsletters. This takes the stress of creating different newsletters off you. It also offers five different plans that include a free plan enabling sending of newsletters to 1, 000 contacts a month.

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