5 Most Important E-Mail Marketing Statistics

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Blue FiveStatistics is one of the most important factors in the success of any business, online or offline. Our focus here however, is on the importance of statistics in online marketing. The internet is a very vast terrain and as such, demands a lot of work to succeed. The kind of statistics that you will need depends on the nature of business you operate. The nature of the business also will determine the kind of campaigns you will need to design and execute to get your business noticed, drive traffic to your site and generate the right amount of interest to get your target audience doing exactly what you want them to do such as making a purchase.

There are many tools for carrying out research in order to derive these statistics and work them into your campaign. Additionally, you have to understand that there are also statistics that apply generally to the industry you in which you are operating. In executing an email campaign in promoting your services or products online, you will have to make use of certain statistics. These are very germane to the success of your campaign and your online business. It is also important that you see how your campaign is faring on all each of the statistics. These statistics include the following:

1. Open Rate: When you send out emails, you expect that they be opened, read and then acted upon. The open rate refers to the actual number of people who have opened your mail. One very important thing about this statistic is its lack of accuracy as it is determined through the use of a HTML img tag included in the emails you send out. Some people have their email images functions turned off, making it impossible to count them. Your open rate will therefore not include those people.
2. Click Through Rate: Also known by its acronym CTR, this statistic is particularly important for your campaign. It gives you an accurate number of the people that clicked on your link contained in your email to them. It therefore helps you determine the efficacy of your call to action contained in the email.
3. Bounces: This refers to the number of emails that were returned undelivered when sent to the contacts on your list. There could be various reasons for this; email no longer used by the subscriber or incorrect.
4. Conversion Rate: This refers to the stage at which the subscriber has moved from reading and clicking on the link in your email right to completing the desired action. The desired action could be to sign up for a newsletter, enter a competition or even to make a purchase of the product or service you are promoting.
5. Forwards: This shows the amount of interest that the subscribers have in the information you have provided. This is determined by the number of times they have forwarded your email to other people.

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