5 Online Customer Service Solutions

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Blue FiveOnline customer service has become very popular these days with the emphasis on internet enabled services. Enterprises are trying to ensure that they can attend more to their customers without having to go through the normal channels. However, even with this migration to the internet, a lot of challenges are still presented that pose bigger problems for businesses. Generally, customers tend to rate their experience in terms of the following:

i. The ease with which they get through their experience on the website

ii. The extent to which the site was able to satisfy their queries

iii. The ability of the site to provide the expected experience.

There are some basic solutions that online customer services make use of in order to deliver excellent customer service via the internet. These include the following:

1. Intelligent FAQ Database: These differ from the usual FAQ in that it has the capability to store the queries required of it for future reference. It can be used for cross-referencing thus saving valuable time and enhancing customer service delivery.

2. Automated Email Solutions: The volume of emails needed to be sent by enterprises has increased but with automated email solutions, it has become easier. They could even be onsite or hosted on the provider’s server.

3. Instant Messaging: These make it possible for customers to contact and interact with service agents without having to wait for calls to go through.

4. Voice over Internet Protocol: These programs also make it possible for customers to speak with customer service agents over the internet at an even cheaper rate.

There are a number of solutions that are available to enterprises either as onsite installations or internet hosted. Some of these include:

1. LivePerson: This solution aims at providing online businesses with a broad suite of programs that will monitor and engage visitors intelligently. It enables the enterprise to see who has been to the site as well as obtain intelligence on customer behavior. The ability to tailor the solution to meet the needs of the business is also possible.

2. RightNow: The RightNow customer Experience Suite provides the platform for businesses to address the areas that matter the most in customer experience including; Web experience, Social experience and Contact Center Experience. Applications used by this solutions provider include RightNow Engage and RightNow CX Cloud Platform.

3. eGain: This provider has an entire suite of customer service and contact center solutions that that help enterprises create multichannel customer interaction hubs from their traditional customer care centers. It also allows for the upgrading and adaptation of its solutions to suit the enterprise’s peculiarities. Its suite of solutions includes eGain Exchange, eGain Web Customer Experience Suite, eGain Unified Contact Center Suite as well as eGain Adapters.

4. FaceTime: This provider has Unified Communications security, Web security and Instant messaging solutions for enterprises. It also ensures that online collaborative tools are safe for use. Its suite of solutions includes Skype management, P2P control, IM security, Compliance and Web filtering.

5. Brigade: This provider focuses on Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Its expertise includes the design, implementation, training and maintenance of customer support and service divisions for enterprises of various sizes.

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