5 Reasons Why Blogging Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

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Web logs, popularly known as blogs evolved from being just a means of posting a comment on a webpage. Today, there is talk of the ‘blogosphere’  which obviously is expressive of the kind height and coverage that blogs have today. The importance of this kind of clout to enterprises is that it provides yet another opportunity to connect with it target market. Thus blogs have become a potent marketing tool for companies. The downside to this sphere is that given its over 54 million (and expanding) population, companies are not just having to introduce or reintroduce their brands, they are also having to monitor its perception in the blogosphere. This is very necessary if the brand is to avoid any negative tagging which could immediately its offline activities. In all, blogging ought to be a very important part of any company’s marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Outsourcing Ideas: One of the best ways that a company can build a truly great product is to get the input of customers in order to get deep insight into what they want, after the product is for their benefit. The normal means of getting this feedback is through customer sampling but this is in itself, restrictive. This is because there is a limit on the number of customers the relevant department can deal with. In the blogosphere however, there is access to a deep pool of users and prospective users of your product and represent a huge mine that can be tapped again and again.
  2. Blogging Builds Trust: Trust is one of the scarcest commodities in marketing, many marketing departments struggle to connect with their audience in order to create that trust but many fail. Constant provision of quality and ‘impartial’ information over time generates a measure of trust. This trust can be leveraged on by the company to connect with its target audience.
  3. Get Visibility: Each brand does its best to build visibility, indeed visibility is the reason why the marketing department loses sleep. A product must be the faces of its target market as often as possible and not just in a quantitative but also a qualitative way. Blogging provides a unique opportunity for a company to put its brand in the face of its target audience at a rather comparatively inexpensive rate. The blogosphere provides the concept of viral marketing on the internet a critical mass to work with. Strategies like publication of media reports and events sponsorship amongst others.
  4. Customer Service: Blogs have now emerged as a viable means of providing great customer service by a company. Making a critical connection with customers is a combination of selling and the ability to take complaints while providing a positive response. The ability to leave comments and have it read is a crucial part of blogging and very important to marketers.
  5. Immediate Call To Action: Today, with the effectiveness of the RSS feeds, it has become possible to get readers to view news about the company and even move them to action through that means.

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