5 Resources for E-Commerce Solutions

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The success of eCommerce is largely a function of the company’s ability to integrate its online and offline efforts and provide the very best experience for its customers. The seamless integration of the various components of the enterprise’s operations is also dependent on the efficacy of the software platform it utilizes. These eCommerce software programs or solutions as they are known make it possible to create a seamless operation of the entire operations of the enterprise. There are a number of such solutions in the market but then their levels of effectiveness in different areas vary. Each therefore has aspects in which it is strong while there are areas in which it might have some weakness. Important areas include flexibility in design, database assistance, additional programming needs as well as product/shopping cart integration. We will examine some of these eCommerce solutions as well as their upsides and downsides.

1.    2CheckOut: Operating out of Columbus Ohio, this resource can be located online at www.2checkout.com. This resource presents a good alternative to PayPal. Its ease of use makes it very for beginners to make use of it although it may not be realistic to use it for thousands of products. Although it has higher fees than PayPal and less suited for an experienced web designer as it cannot be customized, it is still very ideal for beginners in eCommerce.

2.    Client Ready: Operating out of Sacramento, California, you can find this resource on the internet at www.clientready.com. The scope of services offered by this resource is large compared to its miniature staff of six. A major strength it possesses is its responsiveness. It is suited to experienced web designers. Although it has an intimidating management interface, it gets easier with a little practice. Components like Internet Gateway, SSL and Merchant Account to accept credit cards will have to be purchased by the web designer. However, it provides facility for integration of real-time UPS/shipping charges.

3.    BizShoppingCart: Owned and operated by Vendor Solutions which is based in Los Angeles in California, the online address is www.bizshoppingcart.com. This resource is meant for web designers with good experience as it requires a measure of programming. It also requires purchase of various components such the SSL, Merchant Account to accept credit cards and Internet Gateway. Some time is also required for the customization of the store pages. This time frame is between 8 – 12 hours sequel to the site launch. The monthly rate is quite reasonable at $44.95 while providing website statistics for free.

4.    Net Suite: Operated as a franchise solution with various agents marketing the solutions nationwide, this resource can be found online at www.netsuite.com. It presents a powerful interface that requires time and money to learn. It is also very ideal for an enterprise that needs to completely integrate its services and also operates a warehouse with sales staff.

5.    Monster Commerce: Operating out of Columbus, Ohio, this resource is located online at www.mostercommerce.com. This resource needs to be used by a hand that has the requisite technical abilities. It takes time to learn to use this resource and this is best done by a technically experienced client partnering with an equally experienced web designer. This resource offers very good product on a mass scale. It however requires purchase of various components such the SSL, Merchant Account to accept credit cards and Internet Gateway.

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