5 Twitter Marketing Strategies

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Twitter, which has grown to become one of the most popular outlets on the social media scene today, is actually a platform which allows its users to exchange messages in real-time, that is instantaneously. Its immediacy as well as its compatibility with various devices to post, view and exchange messages is one of Twitter’s greatest selling points. It is therefore not strange that it has grown phenomenally and is still growing today as a means of exchanging personal and business information. When Twitter commenced its services, it was designed to allow people to see what others were doing so it always asked the question “what are you doing?”. This seemingly simple way of seeing and knowing what others were doing created a kind of bond or what was referred to by sociologists as ‘co-presence’. Twitter has graduated since then from just allowing people to know what others were doing to giving others insight into what another person is thinking, reading or involved in. In other words, Twitter has become a major part of the attention economy.

Marketing on Twitter is quite unique in the sense that its structure permits a message post not exceeding 140 characters. This does not seem like much but then a lot can be achieved. Some of the strategies which can be used in marketing on Twitter include:

a. Create a Profile/Brand Story: When starting to market on Twitter, it is important to create a profile that reflects the brand that is the subject of the marketing effort. This step could be a logical step from the brand personality already built for the brand offline. The picture used on the background of the page as well as the profile picture is very important. This can help the visitor to immediately get an idea of the market segment the brand is operating in. Southwest Airlines for example uses a picture of the sky as its background and its plane’s tail as its profile picture.

b. Energize News Postings: Providing news for your followers is very important in marketing however, news by itself can be quite drab but then, it can be spiced to make it worthwhile for the followers and encourage them to visit again for the same purpose. Airlines for example, could use this as a means of informing followers of offers as part of the news they post. This will encourage followers to visit more often to get updates for flight rate discounts and other promos.

c. Integrate Twitter with Customer Support: By using Twitter to send personal messages to dissatisfied customers, it becomes possible to hear their complaints and respond. This strengthens the relationship between the company and the customer and creates fantastic support for marketing.

d. Strengthen the Brand’s Value Propositions: Update the followers with posts that will direct them to any new content on the company’s website or blog and use that as an opportunity to give more backbone to the brand’s value proposition.

e. Repeat Messages: There is power in repetition and considering the fact that the investment in Twitter is cost-effective, there must be consistency via repetition over time to strengthen the messages sent out to ensure that the marketing effort yield returns.

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