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Marketing 101: 5 Marketing Trends with Web 2.0 Design

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The emphasis in the early days of the internet was on the enterprise but today, that emphasis has shifted to the customer. It has become very obvious to many enterprises that the internet is the most potent platform for making a connection with their prospects and customers. If the right connection or impression is not made during the first visit, the ability to market to that person becomes difficult. Sometimes, the initiative is lost at that very moment and may never be regained; worse still, word could spread on the internet about that one bad experience which could negatively impact the enterprise.

Web 2.0 designs are in tandem with the current trends on the internet. These current trends greatly enhance the quality of interaction between an enterprise and the visitors to its site. This will in turn increase the marketability of the site. Five of such marketing trends include the following: (more…)

5 Reasons Why Blogging Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

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Web logs, popularly known as blogs evolved from being just a means of posting a comment on a webpage. Today, there is talk of the ‘blogosphere’  which obviously is expressive of the kind height and coverage that blogs have today. The importance of this kind of clout to enterprises is that it provides yet another opportunity to connect with it target market. Thus blogs have become a potent marketing tool for companies. The downside to this sphere is that given its over 54 million (and expanding) population, companies are not just having to introduce or reintroduce their brands, they are also having to monitor its perception in the blogosphere. This is very necessary if the brand is to avoid any negative tagging which could immediately its offline activities. In all, blogging ought to be a very important part of any company’s marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why: (more…)

Marketing 101: 5 Low-Cost Branding Techniques

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Blue FiveBranding is a practice which is not restricted solely to large companies. Many small enterprises these days embark on branding campaigns but they do so on a small scale as against the large scale campaigns planned and executed by the bigger enterprises. Branding has definite objectives amongst which are:

i. Differentiation: A brand MUST differentiate itself from others in its field in other to even be capable of recall by the target audience. The ability to stand out of the crowd is a crucial objective of branding.

ii. Competitive Advantage: The need to have an edge above its competitors is also critical to the success of a brand. A successful branding campaign will ensure that a brand has a competitive advantage over others competing with it.

iii. High Brand Recall: If a brand is to be chosen above its competitors, it must be occupy a top position in the minds of its target audience and this position will result from a successful brand campaign.

Five low cost techniques that can be used to achieve the above objectives include the following: (more…)

5 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques

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As ecommerce continues to grow exponentially, more people are getting involved in it especially one of its facets; affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply the practice of promoting and selling the products or services of a merchant for a percentage of the profit accruing from the sale. As ecommerce grows in popularity and enterprises try to sell their products and services on the internet, many are turning to affiliate marketing to help them get an online salesforce to promote and sell their products. The field gets more crowded daily as more people join the affiliate marketing profession and as this happens, there is the need to strategize properly in order to succeed.

There are various techniques that can be applied in affiliate marketing to enhance the efforts as well as boost the chances of making actually sales. We will look at five of such techniques: (more…)

5 Google Tools for Marketing Your Business

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It is very difficult to ignore Google today in whatever you are doing particularly in online business. The task of marketing your business has received a great deal of enhancement through Google’s innovations. As the online business scenario evolves, Google has continually added various web-based tools that have a positive effect on the efficacy of online business marketing. Here are five of those tools: (more…)

How Web 2.0 Design Effects Your Marketing

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The term Web 2.0 is used to describe the current internet trend and the way it affects the various facets of professional and business endeavors. Marketing is not exempt from the effects of the Web 2.0 and on the internet, it has become very crucial to success to ensure that the design of your apparatus ranging from websites to landing page and blogs as well as social media pages comply with the demands of the Web 2.0 environment.

The options open to people as they used the internet to search for and get information about products and services was seriously limited during the early stages of the internet. The trend today is vastly different as people now take note of many features as they visit websites. These features make it possible and then easier to hold the attention of the visitors and then, if it is an ecommerce site, makes is far easier to convert prospects. (more…)

Marketing Basics: Blogging and RSS

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Blue FiveThe marketing profession has undergone nothing short of a revolution since the advent of the internet. Several channels have evolved over time and rapid changes have been registered as professionals act as fast as possible to grasp these changes and then build the practice so as to take the maximum possible advantage. All this is done while making projection in to the future to predict ‘the next big thing’ in getting products and services to the consumers as well creating a favorable impression. (more…)

Marketing 101: 5 Low Cost Marketing Tools

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Marketing is one of the most strategic issues in the existence of an enterprise. The ability to effectively sell that enterprise’s products or services is a critical factor in its success. In fact, without being able to market its products or services, a business hardly has a chance to survive much more to thrive. The number of large enterprises is small compared to the small enterprises and most of the small enterprises lack the financial resources to acquire and use complex and costly marketing tools. There are however many low cost tools of marketing that are available to small enterprises to prosecute their marketing needs. Most of these tools are internet based and can be used online. Five of these tools that can be easily acquired and used include: (more…)

Google, Marketing & You

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The internet has certainly changed the way business is conducted in the world today. The change that the world of business has seen however has been further enhanced in recent times by the advent of Google. This search engine has metamorphosed from just providing search results to providing various tools which enterprises can work with in the course of their online business. Google has indexed over a billion webpages and is by far the most popular search engine on the internet drawing traffic from all over the world. It is becoming virtually impossible to market your business on the internet without making use of Google. This is because of the sheer amount of innovations that the search engine has introduced particularly in terms of its contextual advertising model. According to projections by Piper Jaffray, internet advertising spending would amount to $55 billion. Jupiter Research projections for the US search and display advertising for the year 2010 was $15 billion. All these go to show that the marketing model that Google operates will be heavily relied upon by the businesses on the internet far into the future. (more…)

5 Advantages To Using An E-CRM To Manage Your Marketing

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Blue FiveE-CRM can be defined as the use of the internet, various electronic touch-points as well other telecommunications related means to initiate and manage the relationship that exists between an enterprise and its customers/prospects. There are many technology channels today through which e-CRM programs are executed and managed.

There are many challenges inherent in the execution and implementation of an e-CRM project. There are issues of high costs that normally attend such programs. Beyond that however, other issues such as the difficulty in establishing metrics for measuring the success or otherwise of the program must be considered. (more…)

Marketing 101: Marketing And Social Media

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Blue FiveSocial media has become a buzzword today, not just for personal users but also in the business world. As a matter of fact, it seems to be gaining a lot more ground in the business world as its popularity increases and the number of users of social media explodes. One of the best definitions for the term social media was give by Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein who defined it thus – “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content. Examples of the popular social media available today include social networks, wikis, blogs as well as online communities. Amongst these examples exists specific tools or resources which include,,,,, amongst many others. Social media marketing which has become so powerful today simply refers to the use of these tools for promotional purposes. These purposes could be for marketing, sales, customer service and feedback, Public Relations and even prospecting. (more…)

5 Great Viral Marketing Approaches

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Blue FiveThe viral marketing process bears an analogy to the human virus although it has no relationship to a computer virus. Viral marketing can be defined as a market strategy which ensures that a promotional message is propagated exponentially usually via the internet or related technologies. Viral marketing has become very popular on the internet today and has been adopted by many internet based enterprises to promote their services/goods. In fact, Hotmail is one outstanding example of viral marketing and is still regarded today as the classic example of the internet based viral marketing campaign.

There are many approaches to viral marketing. A few of such methods or approaches include the following: (more…)

Marketing Basics: Twitter

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The term social media is fast dominating the marketing profession and it has become virtually impossible to discuss the social media without talking about Twitter. First of all, the term social media seems to have many definitions but then we can define it as a medium in which the audience is the creators of its content. This is as opposed to the traditional media where the audience just consumes the content with minimal input.

Twitter can further be defined as a social medium which provides a message routing vehicle for the real time exchange of messages via various devices. One of the most outstanding features of Twitter is that it generates what sociologists have referred to as ‘co presence’ as a result of giving people the opportunity to know what their ‘friends’ are doing, thinking, reading and planning to do in an immediate sense. (more…)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization is the practice of driving more traffic to a site from search engines by attaining higher ranking on the search results. There are generally two kinds of means of doing this; Search Engine Marketing which entails paid advertisements and then Organic means or methods which are not paid for. While the organic methods do not involve payments in order to show when searches are run, it however requires a lot of effort and knowledge of search engine algorithms. This will ensure that the right tactics will be adopted and effectively used to drive the needed traffic. (more…)