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5 Techniques for Marketing with Articles

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Blue FiveAs an alternative to paid adverts on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, article marketing has grown in popularity because of the comparative advantages it possesses over the other means of advertising. It is a practice that has to be done with great professionalism in order to produce the desired results. There are different techniques which can be utilized in making article marketing as effective as it ought to be.

1. Always Provide Useful Content: One of the biggest problems facing article marketing is the proliferation of so-called writers due to the low entry barrier. This has led to sub-standard articles being written. The fundamental technique in article marketing remains great content. When writing, the focus should always be to provide the kind of content that will make great impact on the reader. There should be a creative flair in the writing which will serve to retain the readers’ attention. In other words, write for the readers and not for yourself. (more…)

Marketing Your Business With Articles

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The concept of marketing goods/services using articles is not unique to the internet although its popularity is attributable to the internet. Hitherto, people hired Public Relations professionals to create buzz for their business and in the course of generating the desired publicity, they wrote press releases and articles about the business for publication in various print media. This enabled people to get a perspective on the business being marketed. One of the commonest objectives of writing such articles was positioning the business as experts in their market or field of operations. Article writing using the print media however has its attendant problems or disadvantages. It was a bit restrictive in that it was read only by people within its geographical reach particularly if it happened to be a local paper.

The internet has changed the way articles are published and propagated. Today, anyone can who can write can get an article published. There are however attendants issues as well and these include: (more…)