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5 Steps To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

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Blue FiveAffiliate marketing is easily one of the most viable means of making money on the internet. Today, many online businesses are turning to the affiliate marketing model to help sell their products and services and enhance their bottom-line. The result is a huge opportunity for those are currently engaged in as well as those who desire to get involved in the market. Besides, affiliate marketing has always been a kind of take-off point for the people who are involved and recorded success in internet marketing. (more…)

Outsourcing: More Work Than Meets the Eye

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Like many small business owners, I have used outsourcing to help out with several projects with mixed results. The proponents of outsourcing would have you believe that all it takes are a few clicks and you can outsource almost any aspect of your business or personal life. (more…)

Marketing Decisions

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Not making a decision is the worst habit you can get into as a marketer. A colleague once told me, “Have you ever thought that not making a decision, is a decision?”. My was response was to tell them that not making a decision is nothing more than a cop-out. Think about the decisions that we make everyday of our lives and how not making a decision would impact the results. For example, if we could not decide what to eat and as a result, did not eat, we would eventually starve to death. (more…)