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Email Marketing 101

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Email marketing is a version of direct marketing which utilizes electronic mail as the medium of communication with the target audience. It has recorded massive usage in the direct marketing practice due to its many advantages. In its most basic sense, email marketing is used to achieve such ends as:

a. Customer acquisition as well marketing campaigns to sell goods/services to existing customers

b. Integrating advertising messages to emails sent to customers of other companies

c. Fostering customer loyalty and generating goodwill with existing customers. (more…)

Communications Strategy

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The timeworn saying that no one can be an island unto himself also applies to enterprises and other organizations. In view of this, it is obvious that communications is an imperative and not just a byproduct of existence. By extension, any forward looking organization must develop and work with a framework which will allow it to properly articulate all its communications both internal and external. It is also very important to note at this point that any organization possesses two major target audiences; internal and external. While the former refers to the members of the organizations such as its employees and shareholders, the latter refers to those with whom the organization must interact on the outside such as host community members, customers, government etc. (more…)

Customer Engagement

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The first definition of the term ‘customer engagement’ was attempted in March 2006 by The Advertising Research Foundation when it said “Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context”. This definition came under some amount of criticism for what was perceived as its excessive broadness and currently, professional bodies and research organizations are pooling efforts to come up with a uniform definition as well as appropriate metrics for customer engagement as a practice. These bodies include Simmons Research, World Federation of Advertisers, IAG Research as well as Nielsen Media Research. (more…)