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Video – Call to action in a marketing piece – Marketpain

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The point of any marketing piece is to evoke a response. A call to action is how you illicit or direct that response. So one of the most important things to ask yourself when you are creating a new marketing piece is “what is the call to action?”. In this edition of MarketPain I discuss a simple technique for evaluating the call to action in your marketing collateral.

5 Online Customer Service Solutions

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Blue FiveOnline customer service has become very popular these days with the emphasis on internet enabled services. Enterprises are trying to ensure that they can attend more to their customers without having to go through the normal channels. However, even with this migration to the internet, a lot of challenges are still presented that pose bigger problems for businesses. Generally, customers tend to rate their experience in terms of the following:

i. The ease with which they get through their experience on the website

ii. The extent to which the site was able to satisfy their queries

iii. The ability of the site to provide the expected experience.

There are some basic solutions that online customer services make use of in order to deliver excellent customer service via the internet. These include the following: (more…)

5 E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid

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Blue FiveEcommerce is the trend in the world today as enterprises try to make forays into domains that were hitherto inaccessible except with the huge financial investments. Today, small enterprises, even home based businesses have the opportunity to compete with other business on a global level via the platform provided by the internet. The statistics for ecommerce is certainly encouraging and as the evolution of the internet continues, the opportunities also improve. The retail holiday sales in the US were estimated at $39 billion as at 2007 while 70% of leisure travelers made some of their personal travel booking online. The figures for car shoppers online that started the process online stood at 53% while about 42% of the online shoppers said they use comparison engines online before making a purchase decision. The foregoing statistics go a long way in showing that ecommerce is growing and the competition will be won largely by businesses that take a lot of technical and business details into consideration. In all, there are a number of mistakes that must be avoided if you are to succeed in your ecommerce efforts. (more…)

Marketing 101: 5 Marketing Trends with Web 2.0 Design

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The emphasis in the early days of the internet was on the enterprise but today, that emphasis has shifted to the customer. It has become very obvious to many enterprises that the internet is the most potent platform for making a connection with their prospects and customers. If the right connection or impression is not made during the first visit, the ability to market to that person becomes difficult. Sometimes, the initiative is lost at that very moment and may never be regained; worse still, word could spread on the internet about that one bad experience which could negatively impact the enterprise.

Web 2.0 designs are in tandem with the current trends on the internet. These current trends greatly enhance the quality of interaction between an enterprise and the visitors to its site. This will in turn increase the marketability of the site. Five of such marketing trends include the following: (more…)

Marketing 101: Value Propositions In Your Marketing

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It is a popular position to think that human beings make purchase decisions based on emotional factors and not necessarily logical conclusions. The fact however is that any message aimed at getting people to make a purchase of goods or services must be presented in a way that strikes the prospects in a way that compels them to see the benefit to them.

One of the best ways of doing that is by crafting a good value proposition. A value proposition is a statement that presents in a graphic manner, the benefits, costs and value that a company can provide for its customers. The value proposition therefore encapsulates the value that the customer stands to gain as a result of consuming the goods, services or associating with the enterprise in question. It stands to reason therefore, that every enterprise must have a lucid value proposition to provide a measure of conviction in its customers. (more…)

5 Ways To Improve Your Value Proposition

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Blue FiveCustomers are generally known to be careful about the way they spend their money. A lot of consideration goes into the purchases made by customers but at the end, the question they always ask is this; ‘what do I have to gain?’ They want to know why they should buy a product or engage a company for service in preference over others. It is never an easy task for a marketer to craft a value proposition as it is an encapsulation of so many issues that combine at the end to present a compelling reason for the customer to deal with a particular enterprise instead of others competing with it. Furthermore, this value proposition is usually just a statement that condenses so much for the customer to digest easily. Therein lies the difficulty and the potholes facing most marketers and their companies. We can summarize these challenges like this: (more…)

Web Accessibility

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The practice of ensuring that websites are made accessible to all people having all abilities as well as those having disabilities is what is known as Web Accessibility. The emphasis however is more often than not, on people with disabilities. Equality in the acquisition of the information or knowledge contained on a web page irrespective of the age and physical conditions such as blindness is the thrust of this practice. The concept of web accessibility is founded on the need to address certain challenges generally facing web users as well as some facing some categories of web users. Some of these challenges include the following: (more…)

Communications Strategy

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The timeworn saying that no one can be an island unto himself also applies to enterprises and other organizations. In view of this, it is obvious that communications is an imperative and not just a byproduct of existence. By extension, any forward looking organization must develop and work with a framework which will allow it to properly articulate all its communications both internal and external. It is also very important to note at this point that any organization possesses two major target audiences; internal and external. While the former refers to the members of the organizations such as its employees and shareholders, the latter refers to those with whom the organization must interact on the outside such as host community members, customers, government etc. (more…)

5 Techniques For Improving Customer Engagement

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Blue FiveThe presently available definition of the term customer engagement as provided by a professional body is “Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context”. This definition was provided by the Advertising Research Foundation in March 2006. The concept has gained ground particularly in recent times due to the complexity of the business environment today. It is becoming more difficult to hold the attention and therefore loyalty of customers and companies have to come up with new means of engaging their customers by optimizing the relationship between both parties. According to Gallup Consulting, organizations that have succeeded in doing this are recording better performances than their competitors who are failing in this regard. They are exceeding their competitors by 26% in gross margin while recording 85% more in sales growth. (more…)

Customer Relationship Management

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The success of an enterprise’ efforts in keeping its customer base satisfied and continually selling to them is ever reliant on good customer relationship management today. The growth in the awareness and regard for customer relationship management from just a kind of computer based program to a strategic and focused concept affecting overall business success is not surprising. This is because businesses have gradually come to realize that understanding and keeping their customer bases is key to key objectives as well as the business bottom-line. This realization has resulted in the evolution of a market segment for the practice, one which is projected to attract a spending of above $11 billion by companies by 2010 according to a research conducted by Forrester Research. (more…)

Customer Engagement

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The first definition of the term ‘customer engagement’ was attempted in March 2006 by The Advertising Research Foundation when it said “Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context”. This definition came under some amount of criticism for what was perceived as its excessive broadness and currently, professional bodies and research organizations are pooling efforts to come up with a uniform definition as well as appropriate metrics for customer engagement as a practice. These bodies include Simmons Research, World Federation of Advertisers, IAG Research as well as Nielsen Media Research. (more…)