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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization is the practice of driving more traffic to a site from search engines by attaining higher ranking on the search results. There are generally two kinds of means of doing this; Search Engine Marketing which entails paid advertisements and then Organic means or methods which are not paid for. While the organic methods do not involve payments in order to show when searches are run, it however requires a lot of effort and knowledge of search engine algorithms. This will ensure that the right tactics will be adopted and effectively used to drive the needed traffic. (more…)

On-Page Optimization

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Optimizing a web page is one of the results of the huge explosion in the number of web pages and the increase in awareness of the users of the internet. These days, people run searches on internet search engines while looking for various things and as these searches increase, there is a necessity by the search engines to develop parameters for ranking the pages which they have indexed. These parameters get more complex as more pages are added and site owners sometimes employ various tactics in trying to get a top ranking on search rankings. Getting an excellent on-page optimization is also important as it will impact positively on the readability of your site.

There are some fundamental techniques which you have to know when trying to optimize your web page for good ranking on the search engines. (more…)

5 Methods For Keyword Targeting

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While filling out your site with content, it is very important that you know just how to spread your keywords throughout the site to ensure that maximize their effect and ensure high content quality. There a quite a number of issues that arise in the attempt to do this:

a. The attention to be paid to the homepage in trying to apportioning the important terms in view of its strategic position on the site.

b. The quantity of keywords to be inputted in a page to create sufficient attraction for the search engines.

c. How to make use of synonyms or terms which are similar or alternatively, when to split them up.

Before starting to fill out the content on the site, there are some steps that you are advised to follow. Basically, you have to carry out a competitor analysis in order to ascertain find out what your competition is doing right or wrong. One very easy way of doing this is to check the HTML source code of the sites which rank highest in your niche market and find out the keywords which have been used in their various pages. There are other tools which you can use in gathering data on keywords and these include Wordtracker which operates quite broadly as well as Google Adwords Keywords Tool. The latter should be considered to be a suggestion tool and therefore used in conjunction with other tools. Yahoo Search Marketing is yet another tool that offers you options for doing your research and a combination of all methods ought to be used in order to get the best possible results.

Five methods that can be used after the research include: (more…)