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5 Online Customer Service Solutions

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Blue FiveOnline customer service has become very popular these days with the emphasis on internet enabled services. Enterprises are trying to ensure that they can attend more to their customers without having to go through the normal channels. However, even with this migration to the internet, a lot of challenges are still presented that pose bigger problems for businesses. Generally, customers tend to rate their experience in terms of the following:

i. The ease with which they get through their experience on the website

ii. The extent to which the site was able to satisfy their queries

iii. The ability of the site to provide the expected experience.

There are some basic solutions that online customer services make use of in order to deliver excellent customer service via the internet. These include the following: (more…)

Increasing Your Effectiveness with Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the online business practice of promoting a product or service on behalf of its creator or owner in exchange for a share of the profit. This usually comes in the form of an agreed percentage of the costs of the product or service. Of course, the sheer number of people involved in this business makes it very competitive and for this reason, it is important that affiliates employ tactics that will ensure that they are able to get traffic and convention required to make a success of their endeavors. (more…)

Affiliate Marketing & Your Business

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Does your marketing strategy include using affiliate marketing to promote your business? It should & here’s why:

Did you know that Marketing Sherpa’s research finding in 2006 which put affiliate commission earnings worldwide at $ 6.5 Billion highlighted the emergence of affiliate marketing as a form of marketing which, combined with the platform provided by the internet, has changed the way products and services are sold. The concept of affiliate marketing itself is not novel but two fundamental factors make it different in its contemporary application; (more…)

Outsourcing: More Work Than Meets the Eye

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Like many small business owners, I have used outsourcing to help out with several projects with mixed results. The proponents of outsourcing would have you believe that all it takes are a few clicks and you can outsource almost any aspect of your business or personal life. (more…)