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Using Rewards in Your Marketing

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The major objective of a rewards program in marketing is the creation of vibrant customer value proposition. There are many of such programs in existence these days including bonus points as reward for purchases made, frequent flier rewards and frequent buyer plans among others. Whichever type of rewards program you choose to implement, it is very important that it not only engages your customers and participants in the program but also differentiates your rewards program from others. Customers usually react positively to enterprises that indicate that their loyalty is valued and they prove this by participating in rewards programs.
Rewards programs therefore need to be a critical part of an enterprise’s marketing strategy. The design and inclusion of rewards in a marketing strategy however needs to be a carefully planned and executed process. In order for it to be a success, some factors must be considered and these include: (more…)

5 Ways To Improve Your Value Proposition

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Blue FiveCustomers are generally known to be careful about the way they spend their money. A lot of consideration goes into the purchases made by customers but at the end, the question they always ask is this; ‘what do I have to gain?’ They want to know why they should buy a product or engage a company for service in preference over others. It is never an easy task for a marketer to craft a value proposition as it is an encapsulation of so many issues that combine at the end to present a compelling reason for the customer to deal with a particular enterprise instead of others competing with it. Furthermore, this value proposition is usually just a statement that condenses so much for the customer to digest easily. Therein lies the difficulty and the potholes facing most marketers and their companies. We can summarize these challenges like this: (more…)

5 Google Tools for Marketing Your Business

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It is very difficult to ignore Google today in whatever you are doing particularly in online business. The task of marketing your business has received a great deal of enhancement through Google’s innovations. As the online business scenario evolves, Google has continually added various web-based tools that have a positive effect on the efficacy of online business marketing. Here are five of those tools: (more…)

Communications Strategy

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The timeworn saying that no one can be an island unto himself also applies to enterprises and other organizations. In view of this, it is obvious that communications is an imperative and not just a byproduct of existence. By extension, any forward looking organization must develop and work with a framework which will allow it to properly articulate all its communications both internal and external. It is also very important to note at this point that any organization possesses two major target audiences; internal and external. While the former refers to the members of the organizations such as its employees and shareholders, the latter refers to those with whom the organization must interact on the outside such as host community members, customers, government etc. (more…)

Mobile Marketing

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The umbrella body for mobile marketing, The Mobile Marketing Association in 2009 defined mobile marketing thus:

“Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network”

The term mobile marketing encompasses two major areas of marketing. In view of the dynamic nature of marketing which has been further enhanced by the emergence and constant evolution of the internet, mobile marketing has been able to record a huge leap in its applications. Primarily, mobile marketing is focused on the use of mobile phone and its applications but then, traditionally, it refers to marketing which is done via moving vehicles for example mobile billboards. (more…)

Permission Marketing

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Traditionally, marketers have bombarded customers and prospects with messages advertising one service and product or the other. The customer never did have much control over the kind or volume of messages received. The concept of permission marketing which is alternatively known as invitational marketing is the antithesis of this traditional practice. It is based on the empowerment of the customer and accrual of a kind of privilege to the marketer to deliver messages which are already relevant and therefore anticipated by the customer. It therefore differs from direct marketing and relationship marketing in that it makes those two more effective. Studies have shown that most messages driven to customers are ignored or in the case of internet related materials, deleted altogether. (more…)

5 Effective Ways To Reach Your Target Audience

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Blue FiveReaching your target audience is all about communicating effectively with them. Communication is of course, the linchpin of any organization’s success whether as a brick and mortar business or as an internet based business. In the world of business today, however, there are overlapping areas between the two. In trying to effectively communicate with your target audience, there are a few points that must be taken into consideration: (more…)