How Web 2.0 Design Effects Your Marketing

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The term Web 2.0 is used to describe the current internet trend and the way it affects the various facets of professional and business endeavors. Marketing is not exempt from the effects of the Web 2.0 and on the internet, it has become very crucial to success to ensure that the design of your apparatus ranging from websites to landing page and blogs as well as social media pages comply with the demands of the Web 2.0 environment.

The options open to people as they used the internet to search for and get information about products and services was seriously limited during the early stages of the internet. The trend today is vastly different as people now take note of many features as they visit websites. These features make it possible and then easier to hold the attention of the visitors and then, if it is an ecommerce site, makes is far easier to convert prospects.

The graphic design of a website is no longer the sole determinant of its functionality. There are many other features that now have to be integrated in order to properly serve visitors, prospects and customers. One very good and early example is Dell Computers which started a blog in July 2006 known as the dell2dell blog. Its purpose was to use it as a means of receiving and tackling in a human way, complaints of poor customer service at that time. Today, Apple has popularized the concept of corporate blogging with two of its blogs; and These two examples provide a good insight into the necessity of integrating appropriate design features into the design of websites in the contemporary internet environment. As more enterprises venture into the world of ecommerce, it has become imperative to engage website visitors. The need for trust is also rising as prospects and customers are looking for enterprises that have their interest at heart. Integrating a feature that provides honest reviews given by other users is necessary in Web 2.0 site design.  An estimated 9.7 million people in the U.K have bought a product based on the comments of another user on the internet.

It is very important that the following features be taken into consideration in order to enhance you r marketing:

i. Functionality: Beauty of the site without the ability to provide adequate integration with many kinds of web browsers will be a minus in your marketing.

ii. Navigation: The ability of the visitors to understand the various links and move from one place to another within the site is very important.

iii. Intuitiveness: Every product or service has its target market and designing your website without taking their preferences in terms of demographics into consideration could be counterproductive to your marketing efforts.

iv. Ability to Drive Traffic: The success of any site depends on its ability to draw traffic and this in turn depends on the compatibility of the site with the search engines. The demands of the search engines in terms of keywords must be taken into consideration.

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