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A strategy lays the foundation for the success of any enterprise and the internet is no exception. The fact is that on the internet, given that the rules are quite different, there is a more pressing need for a marketing strategy and an accompanying plan to execute it. In all, a great strategy and the ability to execute it will guarantee success in the contentious scene of internet marketing.

In order to have a great strategy, it is imperative that a great product or service be in place. The strategy is after all, built around the need to successfully promote such a product or service. The product or service ought to be available on the internet and delivery via same ideally should be made possible. The uniqueness of the product or service is a very critical factor in its success. This is because of the need to reduce competition for customers.

In practical terms, when you have ensured that the product or service to be promoted meet high standards, you have to take some steps:

i. Goal Setting: What is the overall goal for the marketing campaign? At this level the goal(s) is usually a bit vague. An example would be to build the profile of the product or service online in the social media. List the goals out.

ii. Establish Definite Objectives For The Goals: At this level, it is important to establish definite objectives for each of the goals set out. These objectives have to be SMART. This means that they have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Time-Bound. These will ensure that you do not set out objectives that do not have a time frame within which they can be achieved or objectives that are unrealistic. Remember that the objectives sharpen the goals. Examples of objectives would be ‘to get 10,000,000 unique visitors on your website within the next one year’.

iii. Work Out How To Achieve the Objectives: The objectives need to be actualized and this also takes strategizing. Getting ten million unique visitors in one year is not going to happen if internet users have no reason to visit your site. So you have to work out what you will provide on your site that will entice them to come there.

iv. Break The Strategy Down Into Manageable Tactics:
Okay, the strategy is now on ground but the compartmentalization will ensure that it is broken down into chunks that you can manage.

Additional issues that you might want to consider in designing and executing your internet marketing plan. These include the following:

- Team: Nothing can be achieved without a team and better still, one that believes in the ultimate goal.

- Benchmarks: Remember that you need to have a standard against which to lay the achievement each step of the way to ascertain the success or otherwise of the campaign. Establish where you stand before the campaign commences and then use that to see how far you have gone in meeting the objectives.

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