Marketing 101: 5 Marketing Trends with Web 2.0 Design

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The emphasis in the early days of the internet was on the enterprise but today, that emphasis has shifted to the customer. It has become very obvious to many enterprises that the internet is the most potent platform for making a connection with their prospects and customers. If the right connection or impression is not made during the first visit, the ability to market to that person becomes difficult. Sometimes, the initiative is lost at that very moment and may never be regained; worse still, word could spread on the internet about that one bad experience which could negatively impact the enterprise.

Web 2.0 designs are in tandem with the current trends on the internet. These current trends greatly enhance the quality of interaction between an enterprise and the visitors to its site. This will in turn increase the marketability of the site. Five of such marketing trends include the following:

    1. Simple layout & Centered Orientation: Clutter has no place on a site that wants to be in tune with contemporary times on the internet. A clean and professional look is very important in order to create the right impression as well as allow the site load very fast. In addition, the orientation of the text on the page is very important. Hitherto, text was positioned on the left side of the page but these days, the centered orientation is preferable as it puts the text right in the viewing area of the page.
    2. 3D Effects: Visual appeal is also very important in marketing online these days. In order to achieve this, 3D effects has become part of the marketing trend. Fades, drop-shadows, reflections and transparencies are some of the effects that 3D utilizes that result in a good enhancement of the site.
    3. Cute Icons: These are another of the marketing trends that have come with the Web 2.0. Icons could represent various features on the webpage such as email links, download links, favorites, save and search links. It is important to note that icons must not be over used as this could lead to distraction. It could also diminish the effect of the icons.
    4. Whitespace: The more space there is one a page, the more effect the text or page content will have. However, many sites tend to clutter the page with text and other characters. When a page contains a lot of whitespace, it looks far more refreshing and visually attractive. Nice whitespace can be accomplished by using some extra line-height as well as good sized margins.
    5. Large Text: Marketing entails making sure that the right words get noticed. In the Web 2.0 environment, it is very important that some of the text on the page be shown in large size. This will show its importance of the text being emphasized. The trick here is in knowing where exactly to make use of large text and where not to use it. It is equally important to note that smaller text are taken in faster.

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