Marketing 101: Permission Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most effective means of strategies in contemporary marketing. Its efficacy is used in meeting various objectives such as customer acquisition, integration of advertising messages with emails as well as enhancing customer loyalty and goodwill. Studies have confirmed that email marketing has a Return On Investment of (ROI) of $57.25 for every dollar spent. These figures were provided by the Direct Marketing Association. It is therefore impossible to ignore this marketing strategy in the overall marketing campaign. In carrying out email marketing however, there are certain tools that will enhance its efficacy particularly as these tools help you automate the entire process thus saving you precious time. This automation tool is known as an autoresponder and it helps you keep in touch with your new and existing customers with ease. Of course, there are many of such tools out there but then it is very important that you select the very best of them to avoid having problems.

Some of the features that you should look for in the autoresponder service include:

i. Ease of Use

ii. Advance Scheduling For Email Dispatch

iii. Broadcast Functionality

iv. Tracking and Split Testing

v. Efficient and Friendly Support Services

Five tools for automating email marketing include the following:

1. Aweber: This is one of the pioneer autoresponder services available on the internet, having been founded in 1998. It helps you to automate email follow up as well as newsletter delivery to your customers. Aweber provides you with more than 135 HTML templates with which to create your email newsletters, website signup forms wizards, follow up autoresponders that allow you schedule the sending of the emails ahead of time as well as email web analytics to gain insight into the data gathered during your campaign.

2. Interspire: This email marketing service packs many features that assist you in the creation, sending, tracking as well as profit in your campaign. It also provides you with optimization of Click Through Rate (CTR), list updating and automation of list management all at a cost effective rate.

3. OmnistarMailer: This email marketing service comes highly recommended by many professionals in the web development field. Its features include; ability to create unlimited targeted marketing lists, unlimited automated autoresponders, provision of detailed statistics in real time, automated online reminders as well as personalization of email campaigns among others.

4. GroupMail: The major selling points that this email marketing service has are its relatively pocket friendly price as well as ease of use. It is particularly easy to use as you will be guided through each step by a wizard. However, while it can work for you in an internet marketing campaign, the contact management tools fall a bit short of what you could use for a major scale campaign.

5. E-Campaign: This service has the capability to send up to 2000 mails while using the standard version while its professional version can send an unlimited number of mails. It is very easy to use and makes many of the tasks simple for you.

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