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At first look, there does not seem to be much connection between the design of your website and the marketability of your business. The fact however is that there is a connection in the sense that a lot of the marketing depends on the professionalism with which the website is designed. This boils down to the fact that considerable effort needs to be invested in ensuring that the necessary things need to be done in terms of the incorporating current trends in the trade while designing your website.

Inasmuch as there is the need to follow current trend, there are still some basic factors that have to be considered without which the current trends will make little impact. They are as follows:

i. Establishing the Site’s major Purpose: Every website is set up for a distinct reason and this ought to be the focus so that the right message is passed across to the visitors.

ii. Select a Design Firm: This is very important so that your thoughts are well interpreted by the designer. Doing it yourself is also an option if you possess sufficient proficiency.

iii. Properly Segmentation of the Site: Ensuring that each piece of information goes into the right page under the right section is also very important to keeping the visitors focused instead of getting confused.

iv. A Clear Site Navigation System: This is one of the factors that will help you keep the visitor on your site otherwise they will simply click to another site. The various links must be obvious to the visitors and the graphic buttons have to be appropriately labeled. You also need to avoid using flash except it is necessary. Avoid making your visitors have to click too many times before they find what they are looking for as this leads to apathy.

v. Ensuring that the Site is Attractive: Visual attractiveness is now a key factor in engaging the visitors’ attention and the site needs to have that quality without looking cluttered. A clean and refreshing look works very well. Additionally, there must be a consistent theme that goes through the entire site. This applies particularly to the graphics, the typography, various headers and footers.

vi. Search Engine Attractiveness: There is a lot of emphasis on organic means of driving traffic these days. This means that your website design must incorporate the necessary things to attract the attention of the search engines, principally Google. This has a lot to do with the content that goes into the site as well as the use of appropriate keywords that get the necessary attention. Ease of location is imperative for the success of a website’s marketability.

vii. Customer Interaction: while most websites are just one way paths, any website that does not allow a two-way communication will definitely have problems down the road. You will need to provide relevant information such as telephone numbers, offline addresses and email addresses for contact purposes. Additionally, this information also serves to reassure the visitors about the authenticity of the company that owns the website.

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