Marketing Basics: Blogging and RSS

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Blue FiveThe marketing profession has undergone nothing short of a revolution since the advent of the internet. Several channels have evolved over time and rapid changes have been registered as professionals act as fast as possible to grasp these changes and then build the practice so as to take the maximum possible advantage. All this is done while making projection in to the future to predict ‘the next big thing’ in getting products and services to the consumers as well creating a favorable impression.

Two of the vistas that have opened for the marketing profession on the internet are blogs and RSS feeds. These obviously require a quick explanation or definition. RSS is really known either as Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It is actually a batch of web feeds that are used in the standardized publication of works that are frequently updated. Works that RSS feeds are used to update include audio and video, blog entries as well as news headlines. There are special software for reading RSS feeds though these are very common and easily available. They include ‘RSS Reader’, ‘Feed Reader’ and ‘aggregator’. The purpose of the reader s simply to check make regular checks of the feeds to which the user has subscribed, download any new publication and download any other update. The word ‘blog’ is actually a shortened for of the words ‘web log’. The word has today become a verb meaning to make an entry or update to a blog. A blog is however typically a website of a kind which is maintained by an individual and updated constantly with various commentaries on issues concerning the niche the blog is servicing. It also contains additional files for formats such as video and audio and could serve as a kind of personal diary for the user.

The meeting point between marketing and RSS and blogs can be found in the immediacy that each channel offers as well as the personalization of its publications. Blogs have a special advantage of having a loyal followership in many cases particularly where the user has managed to establish a rapport with the target audience. The rapport creates trust which can be leveraged upon to recommend a product or service or sell a person as an expert. RSS feeds on the other hand allow users to grab RSS feeds from other sites thus creating constantly changing information on the site. This is an incentive for visitor traffic. On the other hand, it provides an opportunity for the user to provide live updates to subscribers who generally fall amongst the target audience. Additionally, RSS feeds and blogging go hand in hand in that when the updates on a blog are immediately available to subscribers. Listing in search engines are also another great advantage offered by RSS feeds and blogs again considering the fact that blogs usually have high page ranking on search results. RSS feeds furthermore have the ability to bypass email filters and then deliver your update right to the subscribers’ desktop or phone.

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