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The concept of marketing goods/services using articles is not unique to the internet although its popularity is attributable to the internet. Hitherto, people hired Public Relations professionals to create buzz for their business and in the course of generating the desired publicity, they wrote press releases and articles about the business for publication in various print media. This enabled people to get a perspective on the business being marketed. One of the commonest objectives of writing such articles was positioning the business as experts in their market or field of operations. Article writing using the print media however has its attendant problems or disadvantages. It was a bit restrictive in that it was read only by people within its geographical reach particularly if it happened to be a local paper.

The internet has changed the way articles are published and propagated. Today, anyone can who can write can get an article published. There are however attendants issues as well and these include:

- Quality: Whereas, in the traditional media, articles have to pass a rigorous test to ensure that they are published, on the internet, anyone can write and this allows people with little writing skills to publish their works. Inasmuch as most of the article directories have established guidelines to minimize this mediocrity, it is still difficult to eradicate it. The result is that a good percentage of articles written and published on the internet lack quality.

- Blatant Selling: The purpose of writing articles is to pass a message along to the readers who ordinarily ought to constitute the writer’s target market. The problem that many writers, in a bid to sell themselves, their goods or services embark on blatant marketing in their writing. This at the cost of providing unique and good content for their readers.

- Keyword Spamming: In the desire to generate leads through search results, many writers stuff their articles with the keywords which relate to their niches and in so doing, diminish the content of the article.

Aside from these issues, article writing is one of the most powerful means of promoting yourself as well as your goods and services. There are many advantages in using articles as a vehicle for marketing. These include:

i. Search Engine Ranking: When people run searches on the internet search engines, there is likelihood that your name will come in the results based on the keywords in the articles.

ii. Expert Positioning: When you write quality articles consistently which are read by your target audience, the effect is that they begin to see you as an expert in that field and will come to rely on your opinions. This in turn increases their reception to your services.

iii. Wide Propagation: There are many article directories on the internet and since various blogs and websites simply get articles from these directories and post on their site with the author’s credits, the articles get far and wide. This helps to widen your reach and the marketing massage weaved into your articles.

iv. Cost Effectiveness: If you are writing the articles by yourself, you will not have to spend any money and submission to most directories is free. In spite of being free, it still gets to be posted on many other websites with the credits. The benefits are numerous.

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