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5 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques

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As ecommerce continues to grow exponentially, more people are getting involved in it especially one of its facets; affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply the practice of promoting and selling the products or services of a merchant for a percentage of the profit accruing from the sale. As ecommerce grows in popularity and enterprises try to sell their products and services on the internet, many are turning to affiliate marketing to help them get an online salesforce to promote and sell their products. The field gets more crowded daily as more people join the affiliate marketing profession and as this happens, there is the need to strategize properly in order to succeed.

There are various techniques that can be applied in affiliate marketing to enhance the efforts as well as boost the chances of making actually sales. We will look at five of such techniques: (more…)

Increasing Your Effectiveness with Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the online business practice of promoting a product or service on behalf of its creator or owner in exchange for a share of the profit. This usually comes in the form of an agreed percentage of the costs of the product or service. Of course, the sheer number of people involved in this business makes it very competitive and for this reason, it is important that affiliates employ tactics that will ensure that they are able to get traffic and convention required to make a success of their endeavors. (more…)

Google, Marketing & You

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The internet has certainly changed the way business is conducted in the world today. The change that the world of business has seen however has been further enhanced in recent times by the advent of Google. This search engine has metamorphosed from just providing search results to providing various tools which enterprises can work with in the course of their online business. Google has indexed over a billion webpages and is by far the most popular search engine on the internet drawing traffic from all over the world. It is becoming virtually impossible to market your business on the internet without making use of Google. This is because of the sheer amount of innovations that the search engine has introduced particularly in terms of its contextual advertising model. According to projections by Piper Jaffray, internet advertising spending would amount to $55 billion. Jupiter Research projections for the US search and display advertising for the year 2010 was $15 billion. All these go to show that the marketing model that Google operates will be heavily relied upon by the businesses on the internet far into the future. (more…)

5 Steps To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

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Blue FiveAffiliate marketing is easily one of the most viable means of making money on the internet. Today, many online businesses are turning to the affiliate marketing model to help sell their products and services and enhance their bottom-line. The result is a huge opportunity for those are currently engaged in as well as those who desire to get involved in the market. Besides, affiliate marketing has always been a kind of take-off point for the people who are involved and recorded success in internet marketing. (more…)

Affiliate Marketing & Your Business

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Does your marketing strategy include using affiliate marketing to promote your business? It should & here’s why:

Did you know that Marketing Sherpa’s research finding in 2006 which put affiliate commission earnings worldwide at $ 6.5 Billion highlighted the emergence of affiliate marketing as a form of marketing which, combined with the platform provided by the internet, has changed the way products and services are sold. The concept of affiliate marketing itself is not novel but two fundamental factors make it different in its contemporary application; (more…)