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Unique Blogging Strategies

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Web logs, abbreviated as ‘blogs’ have become quite ubiquitous and an integral part of internet marketing. Although they are not necessarily for internet marketing, they have been adapted as a form of communication between a target audience and an enterprise. In recent times, there has been an explosion in the number of blogs and bloggers particularly with the free blogging platform provided by Google and WordPress. The sheer number has also made it necessary to employ strategies to promote your blog if it is to become prominent enough to meet the objectives for which you set it up, whether commercial or otherwise. Of course, give the fact that there are already many bloggers out there in what has come to be referred to as the ‘blogosphere’, you will need some innovative or unique blogging strategies in order to make your mark in blogging. Here are five of such strategies:

i. Content Strategy Development: A lot of factors come into play in determining what the frequency and topics of your postings on your blog. The objectives however, are always to engage your readers, convince them of your position as an expert in the field as well as promote your ideas.  The content you will develop must therefore be able to accomplish these objectives.

ii. Propagate Your Idea: Remember, in starting a blog, you are aiming to engage people in discussion. If you really want to get people talking about your idea, you must simply propagate it. You must talk about it in other places other than your blog. Forums and social media networks are also places where you could spread your idea. That way, traffic to your blog starts building and others start talking about it.

iii. Build Authority: People want to talk with experts. If you do not display authority on the very issue about which you are blogging, your visitors will soon drift away. Authority demands attention and gets it. One of the greatest strategies that you can use in succeeding with your blogging is to establish and continually display your authority and not just that but also give your visitors or blog followers the benefit of other people whom you regard having authority in that field. This will serve to portray you as being selfless.

iv. Teach Something New: Including a ‘How To’ post once a while help you add value to the time your blog followers spend with you. People are always on the lookout for something that will help them achieve their own goals in life. Helping them do to that will enhance your relationship and the success of your blog.

v. Pose Questions: One of the most important things about a blog is that it is meant to get people talking. One sure way to achieve that is by asking questions. When you ask questions, people tend to contribute as well as read answers provided by other followers. Ultimately, this creates a kind of engaging atmosphere which happens to be a key blogging objective.

Marketing 101: Value Propositions In Your Marketing

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It is a popular position to think that human beings make purchase decisions based on emotional factors and not necessarily logical conclusions. The fact however is that any message aimed at getting people to make a purchase of goods or services must be presented in a way that strikes the prospects in a way that compels them to see the benefit to them.

One of the best ways of doing that is by crafting a good value proposition. A value proposition is a statement that presents in a graphic manner, the benefits, costs and value that a company can provide for its customers. The value proposition therefore encapsulates the value that the customer stands to gain as a result of consuming the goods, services or associating with the enterprise in question. It stands to reason therefore, that every enterprise must have a lucid value proposition to provide a measure of conviction in its customers. (more…)

5 Advantages To Using An E-CRM To Manage Your Marketing

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Blue FiveE-CRM can be defined as the use of the internet, various electronic touch-points as well other telecommunications related means to initiate and manage the relationship that exists between an enterprise and its customers/prospects. There are many technology channels today through which e-CRM programs are executed and managed.

There are many challenges inherent in the execution and implementation of an e-CRM project. There are issues of high costs that normally attend such programs. Beyond that however, other issues such as the difficulty in establishing metrics for measuring the success or otherwise of the program must be considered. (more…)

5 Techniques For Improving Customer Engagement

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Blue FiveThe presently available definition of the term customer engagement as provided by a professional body is “Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context”. This definition was provided by the Advertising Research Foundation in March 2006. The concept has gained ground particularly in recent times due to the complexity of the business environment today. It is becoming more difficult to hold the attention and therefore loyalty of customers and companies have to come up with new means of engaging their customers by optimizing the relationship between both parties. According to Gallup Consulting, organizations that have succeeded in doing this are recording better performances than their competitors who are failing in this regard. They are exceeding their competitors by 26% in gross margin while recording 85% more in sales growth. (more…)

Customer Engagement

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The first definition of the term ‘customer engagement’ was attempted in March 2006 by The Advertising Research Foundation when it said “Engagement is turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context”. This definition came under some amount of criticism for what was perceived as its excessive broadness and currently, professional bodies and research organizations are pooling efforts to come up with a uniform definition as well as appropriate metrics for customer engagement as a practice. These bodies include Simmons Research, World Federation of Advertisers, IAG Research as well as Nielsen Media Research. (more…)