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Business-To-Consumer Marketing

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Blue FiveMarketing goods or services entails a kind of cycle which the buyer has to pass through in order to arrive at the decision to make a purchase. There are also different kinds of approaches to the marketing process depending on the category into which the buyer falls. Typically, there could be a marketing process flowing from one business to another business (B2B) or from a business to the consumer (B2C). The major difference between the two is the time difference involved in getting to the completion of the sales process. More often than not, there is a shorter sales cycle involved in B2C marketing than B2B marketing given the fact that there is hardly any procedure to cause any delay and consumers may even make purchases impulsively. (more…)

Communications Strategy

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The timeworn saying that no one can be an island unto himself also applies to enterprises and other organizations. In view of this, it is obvious that communications is an imperative and not just a byproduct of existence. By extension, any forward looking organization must develop and work with a framework which will allow it to properly articulate all its communications both internal and external. It is also very important to note at this point that any organization possesses two major target audiences; internal and external. While the former refers to the members of the organizations such as its employees and shareholders, the latter refers to those with whom the organization must interact on the outside such as host community members, customers, government etc. (more…)

5 Effective Ways To Reach Your Target Audience

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Blue FiveReaching your target audience is all about communicating effectively with them. Communication is of course, the linchpin of any organization’s success whether as a brick and mortar business or as an internet based business. In the world of business today, however, there are overlapping areas between the two. In trying to effectively communicate with your target audience, there are a few points that must be taken into consideration: (more…)