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Video Marketing for Small Businesses

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The internet today is a highly interactive environment. It’s no longer enough to simply post a few news pieces a month while running your business. Your fans, customers, and followers expect a higher level of visibility from you and your business, and you can use that to help your business grow naturally and effectively.


Sites like Youtube and Vimeo offer great options for your business to put out large pieces of video content to your customers. This can take the form of video blogs, showing everyday life at your business and what you have been up to lately. It can also include demos of your current project, or pieces that let you engage with your fans. A good example of this is how Google puts out full product demonstrations of their newest products and services on their Youtube page. Another example is Red Bull’s viral marketing videos that perpetuate the culture of Red Bull as active, athletic, and cool.

However, Youtube and Vimeo are not your only options for putting out video content from your business. Recently, services like Vine and Instagram Video have become very popular. These services allow you to record and post micro-videos from your smart phone. These videos can give tiny tastes of your company culture. Often, these videos are most effective if you use their miniscule lengths to comedic effect. Many video game developers use these services to provide small updates as to the latest build of their current game.

No matter the service you choose, the most important thing to remember is to show your business’ personality. Video is direct and personal, and if you remember that you will garner more customers through your content.


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Marketing 101: 5 Low Cost Marketing Tools

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Marketing is one of the most strategic issues in the existence of an enterprise. The ability to effectively sell that enterprise’s products or services is a critical factor in its success. In fact, without being able to market its products or services, a business hardly has a chance to survive much more to thrive. The number of large enterprises is small compared to the small enterprises and most of the small enterprises lack the financial resources to acquire and use complex and costly marketing tools. There are however many low cost tools of marketing that are available to small enterprises to prosecute their marketing needs. Most of these tools are internet based and can be used online. Five of these tools that can be easily acquired and used include: (more…)

5 Great Viral Marketing Approaches

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Blue FiveThe viral marketing process bears an analogy to the human virus although it has no relationship to a computer virus. Viral marketing can be defined as a market strategy which ensures that a promotional message is propagated exponentially usually via the internet or related technologies. Viral marketing has become very popular on the internet today and has been adopted by many internet based enterprises to promote their services/goods. In fact, Hotmail is one outstanding example of viral marketing and is still regarded today as the classic example of the internet based viral marketing campaign.

There are many approaches to viral marketing. A few of such methods or approaches include the following: (more…)