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5 Ways To Improve The Accessibility Of Your Website

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The term ‘web accessibility’ generally refers to the practice of ensuring that a website is fully usable by persons who have disabilities which ordinarily prevent them from enjoying the full use of the web pages. This is an issue that webmasters are having to face increasingly today particular as many countries are enacting legislation on the issue, notable among them Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. There have also been clear guidelines known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 1.0 established by the World Wide Web Consortium under its project, Web Accessibility Initiative in 1999. On a general note, there are assisted technologies available for those who have some forms of disabilities in accessing the web pages on the internet. These technologies include: (more…)

Web Accessibility

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The practice of ensuring that websites are made accessible to all people having all abilities as well as those having disabilities is what is known as Web Accessibility. The emphasis however is more often than not, on people with disabilities. Equality in the acquisition of the information or knowledge contained on a web page irrespective of the age and physical conditions such as blindness is the thrust of this practice. The concept of web accessibility is founded on the need to address certain challenges generally facing web users as well as some facing some categories of web users. Some of these challenges include the following: (more…)

5 Ways to Improve the Usability of Your Web Site

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1. Navigation – Consistent and intuitive navigation should be present throughout the site. Remember that the home page is not the only entry point for the site – users should be able to understand the site’s interface without having visited the home page.

    ◦   Bread crumbs should be added to the navigation with links to indicate what page the user is on in respect to other pages. Example: Home > Topic > Topic

    ◦   A search features should be available on every page and search results should be relevant.

    ◦   A Site map should be available and contain links to the main topics.

    ◦   A link to the home page should be present on every page. It is customary for this link to be associated with the logo.


    Website Usability

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    Website usability refers to the efficiency in which users are able to navigate throughout a site and effectively accomplish their goals. This may include locating information, downloading documents, making purchases, and so forth. One of main approaches for achieving usability is user-centered design, which is a process in which the needs, wants, and limitations of users are determined and taken into account during all of the developmental stages of the website. User-centered design differs from other approaches in that it attempts to optimize the website interface in a way that is easy for users to interact with it, instead of  forcing the users to change how they interact to accommodate the interface. (more…)