Traffic Building With E-Mail Lists

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‘The money is in the list’ has become a classic statement among internet marketers as well anyone who wants to do serious work online. As our focus is on internet marketing in this instant, it is important to state that having an email list is one of the surest ways on making sure that your efforts on the internet yield positive results. Of course, driving traffic to your site is a prerequisite but then how do you drive traffic to your site in the first place? While SEO methods are quite reliable, having an email list will make things far easier for you in driving the desired traffic to your site.

What are the exact benefits of having an email list? We will take a look at some of the core benefits:

1. One of the fundamental truths of marketing is that it is easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one. The people on your email list are people you have already dealt with who have likely opted to hear what you have to say and are interested.

2. If you have a targeted list, you know the market they are interested in and what would like to hear or buy.

3. It is far more cost effective and less time consuming than SEO or PPC methods. It takes just a click to get the message out to the people on your list and drive them en masse to your website.

Building an email list is not an overnight venture. It takes time, more so as trust is an essential component of driving traffic with an email list. Once the element of trust is absent, using an email is pretty ineffective. There are a few things that ought to be borne in mind while building an email list:

1. Build Trust For You and Your Products: Establishing yourself as an expert is a prerequisite for building an email list for building traffic. This can be achieved by participation in various online forums and by providing expert write-ups through articles and other written materials.

2. Choose a niche that people are interested in: The niche does not have to be your area of expertise per se. All you need to do is carry out sufficient research in order to acquire lots of knowledge.

3. Befriend Your List Members: Providing value for the people on the list you are building is essential for your success. Immediately bombarding them with a sales pitch might be counterproductive as it could lead them to opt-out. You want them in not out.

In making use of your email list, you need to take note of a few other things.

1. Track Your Bounce Rate: Bounces are emails that go out and return as undelivered. It is important that such email addresses be deleted as it could lead to erroneous statistics.

2. Provide Your List with A Way Out: The people on your list ought to be able to opt out of their subscription. Leave a link for that purpose.

3. Avoid Unethical Materials: This could very easily turn off some people on your list.

While trying to drive traffic tom your site using your email list, it is essential that you include a string call to action.

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